Do you have a burning desire to be your own boss?

Tired of working long hours to make someone else’s dream a reality?


You’ve always had a dream to create something and you’re ready to step into turning this into a reality.


You know that you’ve passion and enthusiasm for your idea, but are struggling to move forward with it… there’s still so many questions left unanswered, and you’re unsure even of the questions to ask!

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Walk the Talk

Hi, I’m Kate and have been a serial entrepreneur and Entrepreneurial Mentor for over a decade. I have been trained by the World’s Leading Entrepreneurial Hub and not only know the theories and tools required for a successful company, I’ve also applied them in my own life and successfully created six-figure companies.

Acceleration through application

It’s important to empower you with the tools and confidence to boldly continue throughout your Entrepreneurial journey. I am not here to be lent upon and ‘do it for you’. I am here to support and nurture your true strengths while also educating you to work around your weaknesses.


We will work through the following areas:

  • Tribe: How to create raving fans of your product or service
  • Demand: Who wants what you’ve got… and how much are they prepared to pay for it
  • Strategy: You’ve big aspirations, so let’s plan how to get there quickly & with minimal risk
  • Confidence: You are the leader of your business, and we will develop bespoke training to strengthen your strengths and develop your weaknesses
  • Vision: Know where you’re going and how to ensure it’s boldly realistic
  • Growth: How you can scale with minimal outlay and reducing risk
  • Value: How to price your worth & ensure your clients are attracted to your services

How does Coaching Work?

One-to-One Coaching

You are unique and your coaching needs to be tailored to you.

Here’s what included:

  • One discovery session where we’ll walk through where you currently are and what are your long-term goals. We’ll also discuss what could be your challenges, as well as your ‘super-powers’.
    We’ll then create a plan for the program;
  • Three 30-minute coaching sessions each month for 6 months where you’ll break through any limitations and receive tailored tips from me;
  • Email access with me and my team outside our coaching sessions to support you throughout this amazing journey of becoming your own boss!

Price for 6-months

Having your own personal coach and mentor who’s walked the talk is invaluable for any entrepreneur. And with Kate’s experience and training within the coaching world, you know that you’re starting your entrepreneurial journey with the best foot forward.

This service is usually valued at £1,997. However, for a limited time – to celebrate the launch of Kate’s online business school, this is discounted to:

£1,500 for six months

– 3x coaching sessions each month

– bespoke creation techniques that empower you to create your business

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