My name is Kate Strong and I don’t believe in compromise. From an early age, I set out to question everything and prove that living within society’s comfort zone doesn’t always create inspiring and extraordinary results.

I’ve achieved a lot, from being an award-winning entrepreneur, World Champion triathlete, World Record holder in cycling, author, engineer and linguist.

All this was achieved by me believing that anything is possible; by raising the bar and going for it.

Thriving in Life

After graduating with a Double Masters in Mechanical Engineering in French and English, I chose to step away from ‘society’s tick-list lifestyle’ and create a life that would keep me thriving, not just existing.
From hiking some of the highest volcanoes in Central America to diving in the underground rivers of Mexico, I live life to the maximum.
Far too many people are living below their potential, in a state of discomfort; living for Friday afternoon and the next paycheque. Life doesn’t have to be like this: Live unreasonably and live with meaning!

Breaking the Norm

Every person is unique, from skill sets, body type, passions, diets and dreams. Yet, living within society we are all forced to live and be judged by the same rules. What if you could create the rules for your body and optimise your lifestyle? There is a way, and I have unlocked this means of thriving by creating her own life-rules.
Today, I can work from anywhere in the world at times when she is most productive (and this is definitely not 9-5!) She also eats plant-based whole-foods that her body flourishes off.
My mission is enable every person in thriving while living their life – to create an environment that is optimal for their own mental, physical and psychological health and to live a life of passion!

Diverse Knowledge

Trained as an Engineer, competed at an elite level in triathlon and am a successful entrepreneur, I have a diverse skill-set that encompasses mental strength, creating a strong vision and devising processes to achieve large goals.

I know first-hand the importance of maintaining balance in business and life to ensure sustainable growth and long-lasting success for individuals and corporations.

Follow your passion

I believe, that every one can thrive in life without detrimentally impacting others. It is possible to achieve our goals and positively contribute to our community, company and the world as a whole.

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