Public Speaker & Motivator

Empowering positive change.

Kate’s unique story is that there was no dramatic moment that forced her life to change forever: Kate questions everything and is living proof that instead of thinking outside the box, remove the box entirely and great things are achieved.

Kate empowers you with her message that in everyday moments, brilliance can be found with the right mindset and correct action.


Inspire, empower and create.

Sharing her challenges while pursuing her dreams and goals is inspiring for all. Kate’s openness about her life, mistakes, failures and also wins engages audiences and leaves them with motivation to continue pursuing their own dreams.



Think different

Always evolving, never standing still, Kate’s knowledge of how to keep moving and succeeding adds value to businesses and individuals globally. Kate is also fluent in French & has spoken at many bilingual events.



Planning for the Unknown

Taking on never-before attempted challenges, such as static cycling for 24 hours has led Kate to strategically break-down how to pursue a challenge that many would seem impossible.




If you are interested in hiring Kate, please contact her agent directly:

Nicolas Teil